Mediation & ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to methods of resolving disputes other than by litigation. Mediation, Collaborative practice and Arbitration are examples of ADR.

A mediator aims to facilitate the parties to resolve the dispute. Mediations are not “decided” in favour of one party or another; rather, the mediator facilitates the discussion and resolution process.

Collaborative law involves the parties meeting together with their respective trained collaborative legal advisors, in order to achieve a resolution through open communication and negotiation.

Arbitration is an alternative way of resolving any type of dispute. Pursuant to the Arbitration Acts, the arbitrator listens to the dispute between the parties and after considering all relevant information renders a final binding decision.

Mary Griffin is a Family Law mediator.

Mary Griffin and Ruairi O’Brien are collaborative practitioners.

Jerry O’Brien has considerable experience in arbitration law and has represented clients before a number of different arbitration bodies including the Dispute Resolution Authority.